Coaching stimulates personal and professional development. When you are interested in deepening self-knowledge, or when you want to understand psychological dynamics that are active in your life, or when you want to recognize possibilities for personal growth, coaching might be suited.

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Book & BLOGS

The book ‘Psychology of heartbreak’ is currently published in Dutch.

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About Akke-jeanne

I am interested in people and psychology. At age 21 I was inspired by the psychology of Jung. Ever since I have remained eager to continuously learn more about psychology and the integration of insights in my personal and professional life.

I have a master’s degree in psychology. I have followed several Jungian trainings and I have been in training analysis for many years. In 2011 my brother and I founded JungPlatform, which is an online platform on which we offer psychological and spiritual courses.

For over six years, I worked part-time as a trainer and professional coach at SchoolvoorCoaching, a well-known training institute in the Netherlands.

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